What payment methods are accepted?

Currently Mubasher supports SADAD Payment System.

What happens after I pay?

This is not the end of the process. As soon as your transaction is completed EStore team will send you an e-mail with the transaction summary. You will receive your product login password via SMS once you complete the Product Login Details section on the Purchase Summary page. In order to complete the subscription, provide us your personal details and click Submit. Now you can download the subscribed product and enjoy the benefits.

I successfully placed my order but never received a confirmation e-mail!

The e-mail you receive from Mubasher EStore is your confirmation of the successful subscription of our products. However, due to technical difficulties there may be instances you may not receive an e-mail. In such instance, send an e-mail to EStore Help Desk with your Mubasher Reference number. We are ready to help you!