My Mubasher EStore Account
I am a new user, how do I create a Mubasher EStore Account?

Creating a Mubasher EStore Account is a part of the subscription process. After subscribing for our products, you are required to create an EStore Account which carries your product login details and your personal details. Keep in mind that you are required to create an EStore Account each time you subscribe to our products. For more details on creating an EStore Account, please refer How do I subscribe to Mubasher software? section in this Help.

Why is my e-mail address so important for registration?

This is simply because our main method of communication is e-mail. As future correspondence will be handled through e-mail, please ensure that you provide us an active e-mail address.

Why is my mobile number so important for registration?

Provide us an active mobile number because we will be sending your password to this number. This is the password you should use in order to log in to your subscribed product/products.

    • You will receive different passwords for the different subscriptions.