Mubasher Subscription
How do I subscribe to Mubasher Software?

Steps to purchase a new subscription

Steps to purchase a new subscription

1. Browse and select the product.

  1. Browse the available products in Mubasher EStore.

    Click on the Prices tab to view the prices of the products.

  2. Select the product and click Buy Now. You will be directed to the Product Preference page.
  3. The user agreement appears. Read the agreement and Click Yes I agree.
  4. Fill in the details in the Contact Details section.
  5. Optional: Select the checkbox to receive new promotions from Mubasher.
  6. Note:

    Make sure that you provide an active e-mail address as Mubasher EStore will send you the subscription details to this e-mail address.

2. Configure the selected product.

Once you have selected the required product, you are required to configure it. This can be done in the Select Preference section on the Product Preference page.

In the Select Preference section:

  1. Select the market type (as applicable) you require by clicking on the Market Type list. The Packages available with each product are displayed.

    Local Market – If you want to access a local market, select Local from the list and select the relevant country.

    GCC Market – By selecting this option, you can access all markets in the Gulf region.

    MENA Market - Select this option to access all markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

    • When subscribing to certain stock exchanges you are required to agree to the terms and conditions set by the said exchange. For more details, read Why Should I Agree to Exchange Agreements? section in this Help.
    • If you wish to view the cost in a different currency, click on the Currency Convertor link.
  • Select the required Package by clicking on the radio button. The subscription charge is updated.
  • Select the subscription validity period, i.e.: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months from the Duration list.
  • Click Next to proceed.

  • 3. Review details and proceed to pay.

    After configuring the selected product and clicking Next, you can view the Product Summary page which displays a summary of the configured product along with its cost. If you wish to do any changes, click Back or simply click Proceed to Pay. Next, select I have read and agree to the policies and conditions check-box. Click on the link to view the policies and conditions applicable.


      Upon the successful subscription of the product, you are given a Mubasher Reference Number which you should provide us in case you need assistance.

    4. Pay through the secure payment gateway.

    After clicking Proceed to Pay on the Product Summary page, you will be directed to a secure site where you will have to enter your payment details. For more information about payment options, refer the Payment section of this Help guide.

    5. Create your EStore Account

    Once your payment is confirmed, you will be re-directed to EStore site. Type your login name and your mobile number in the Product Login Details section on the Purchase Summary page. Fill in the Personal Details section on the Purchase Summary page and click Submit.

      • EStore team will SMS you a password to your registered mobile number. This is your product login password.
      • The login name given is your username for the product and this needs to be a unique name. You can check if the login name was used before, by clicking on the Check Availability link at the bottom. If the login name is unique it is indicated with a tick while a login name used earlier is indicated with a cross.
      • In the future if you wish to renew the subscription of a product, you are required to use this login name to login the account.

    6. Download the subscribed product

    To complete your subscription and download the product, click Download on the Product Download page.

      • For each subscribed product you will receive a different SMS with the respective passwords.
      • It is important that a working e-mail address and a mobile number are provided as Mubasher uses either to communicate with you.
    Why should I agree to Exchange Agreements?

    Certain exchanges require the users to agree to a disclaimer in order to obtain price information. You can view the terms in the agreement by clicking on the icon.

    By default the system displays Private Use as the usage type and you can change the usage if required.

    1. Click on the icon. The Edit Preferences dialogue box opens.
    2. Select the required usage type from the list.
    3. Click Ok.
    4. Tip:

      Click on the Click here to View Market agreement link to view the agreement set by the exchange.

    What is a Default Exchange?

    You can view the Full Market details of your Default Exchanges. However the market information on other subscribed exchanges is symbol driven. If you wish to view the movement of a stock that is not in your Default Exchanges list, you have to add it to your Watch List.

    Can I cancel /edit a subscription?

    Once a subscription has been purchased, it cannot be cancelled or edited. However, you may edit or cancel it at the time of creation. Refer How do I subscribe to Mubasher Software? section in this Help.

    How do I renew a subscription?

    You can renew any given subscription at any given time, depending on your need. This is a fast and simple process.

    1. Click on the click here link in the Contact Details section on the Product Preference page. The Product Login Details dialogue box opens.
    2. Type your product username and password. This displays the Product Preference page with your login details.
    3. Select the duration and click Next. This leads you to the same process of product subscription. For more details on product subscription, please refer How do I subscribe to Mubasher Software? section in this Help.
    4. Notes:
      • When renewing your subscription, you cannot change your login name. However you can update your e-mail address if required.
      • As this is a subscription renewal, you can only change the duration period. If you wish to subscribe for a different market you are required to newly subscribe.
    I’ve lost my order. How can I recover it?

    If you can’t trace an order placed simply click on the Recovery tab to find what happened to your order.

    1. Click on the Recovery tab. This displays the Lost Order Recovery page.
    2. Type the Reference Number you received when you configured the product. You can find this number on the Product Summary page.
    3. Fill in the other details in the Step 01 section.
    4. Click Submit. If the submitted order details are correct Mubasher EStore will send you the Recovery Code to your registered e-mail address.
    5. Type in the Recovery Code you received in the Step 02 section and click Recover.
    6. Complete the Product Login Details and Personal Details on the Purchase Summary page and click Submit.
    7. Download the product from the Product Download page. For more details, please refer What happens after I pay? section in this Help.