Product Details
Pro 10
DFN Pro 10 is a new generation investor desktop replacing iconic Mubasher Pro 9 platform that served active investors in the Middle East and Asia for over 10 years. DFN Pro is built using next generation Java technology providing a crispier frontend and greatly enhanced performance. DFN Pro 10 includes all the features of Pro 9 and host of new features, functionality and content

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Mubasher Net
DFN Net is line up with state-of-the-art web-based technology, offering a tremendous experience for active investors to get up-to-date market feeds from multiple exchanges. The easy-to-use charting module with a host of charting functions including technical analysis will help you enhance your investment decisions.

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Pro, the pinnacle of the Mubasher financial suite appeals to seasoned investors who want to stay connected to the capital market from their homes. Optimized to deliver

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NetPlus is at the cutting edge of web technology, bringing real time market data to you anytime, anywhere. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and a web browser. Offering a useful charting module including technical analysis capabilities, NetPlus is the perfect price information dissemination product for the busy investor.

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Android Mobile
Mubasher brings its financial expertise to Android, which is currently reigning as the most popular smartphone operating system in the world.Mubasher Touch for Android is feature-rich financial platform for your Android device, wrapped up with real-time quotes, charting, tools, news & announcements that keep you up-to-date with market activities.Enhanced with cutting-edge technology, Mubasher Touch for Android delivers you a splendid experience in lucrative financial decision making.

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DFN Android Tab
DFN Android Tab, the trendiest addition to the DirectFN product suite brings to the limelight the cutting edge Android Tablet technology mingled with DirectFN touch. Whether you are at home or work place or anywhere in the world, DFN Android Tab will update you with stock market information, with access to real-time price data, graphical presentations, News and Announcements.

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Combining the experience and expertise of Mubasher with the power of the iPhone, Mubasher for iPhone gives access to a wide range of markets and real-time price information, charting and much more. Mubasher is the only application an investor will ever need to have on their iPhone.

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Mubasher Smart Devices
With the power of Mubasher and the sophistication of iPad, we now offer Mubasher for iPad. The latest addition to the world class Mubasher software suite. Mubasher for iPad offers real-time access to market information to keep you updated along with charting, watch-lists and many more incredible features.

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Mubasher Windows Surface
DFN Surface is uniquely designed Windows 8 application to provide the users with easy access to real time financial market information. The application is powered with easy navigation features together with rich content and analytical tools.

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