Given below are some FAQs on Mubasher EStore. Click on the Help link located in the navigation bar for more information.

What is Mubasher EStore?
Mubasher EStore is a convenient, comprehensive and a safe place to buy Mubasher Software online, using SADAD payment System.

From the Mubasher EStore, you can download and subscribe to the Mubasher product suite which helps you to make profitable investment decisions.
How can I make a quick purchase?
This quick guide takes you through the simple steps of buying online.
I am a new user, how do I create a Mubasher EStore Account?
Creating a Mubasher EStore Account is a part of the subscription process. After subscribing for our products, you are required to create an EStore Account which carries your product login details and your personal details. Keep in mind that you are required to create an EStore Account each time you subscribe to our products. For more details on creating an EStore Account, please refer How do I subscribe to Mubasher software? section in the Help.
Why is my e-mail address so important for registration?
This is simply because our main method of communication is e-mail. As future correspondence will be handled through e-mail, please ensure that you provide us an active e-mail address.
Why is my mobile number so important for registration?
Provide us an active mobile number because we will be sending your password to this number. This is the password you should use in order to login to your subscribed product/s.

Note: You will receive different passwords for the different subscriptions.
How do I subscribe to Mubasher Software?
You can subscribe to the Mubasher product suite in a few steps.

For further details on each step refer the Help.

How do I renew my Mubasher subscription?
You can renew any given subscription at any given time, depending on your need. This is a fast and simple process.
  1. Click on the click here link on the Contact Details section on the Product Preference page. This displays the Product Login Details dialogue box.
  2. Type your product username and password in the Product Login Details dialogue box. This displays the Product Preference page with your login details.
  3. Select the desired duration and click on the Next button. This leads you to the same process of product subscription. For more details on product subscription, please refer How do I subscribe to Mubasher Software? section in the Help guide.
  • When renewing your subscription, you cannot change your login name. However you can update your e-mail address if required.
  • As this is a subscription renewal, you can only change the Duration period. If you wish to subscribe for a different market you are required to newly subscribe.
I've lost my order. How can I recover it?
If you can't trace an order placed simply go to the Recovery tab to find what happened to your order.
  1. Click on the Recovery tab. This displays the Order Recovery page.
  2. Type the Reference Number you received when you configured the product. You can find this number on the Product Summary page.
  3. Fill in the other details in the Step 01 section.
  4. Click on the Submit button. If the submitted order details are correct Mubasher EStore will send you the Recovery Code to your registered email address.
  5. Type in the Recovery Code you received in the Step 02 section and click on the Submit button.
  6. Complete the Product Login Details and Personal Details on the Purchase Summary page and click on the Recover button.
  7. You can download the product from the Product Download page. For more details, please refer What happens after I pay online? section in this FAQ.
The information we collect from customers helps us to personalize and continually improve your shopping experience at Mubasher EStore. Here are the types of information we gather.
  • Information You Give Us: Mubasher EStore gathers your personal information when you visit our site. Though you can browse this site without giving your personal information, we collect information after you subscribe for DirectFN products. At this time, you can choose not to provide certain information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of many of our features.
  • Email Communications: Before configuring the selected product, you are required to provide a valid email address as this will be our main method of communication.
Mubasher will communicate with you through email on one or more of the following instances:
  • To confirm any subscriptions you make to any one or more of the Mubasher products
  • To respond to your customer service queries
  • To answer any other questions you may have about this site
For further details on our Privacy Policy please refer our Help guide.
What payment methods are accepted?
Currently Mubasher supports only SADAD Payment System.
What happens after I pay online?
This is not the end of the process. As soon as your transaction is completed EStore team will send you an email with the transaction summary. You will receive your product login password via SMS once you complete the Product Login Details section on the Purchase Summary page. In order to complete the subscription, provide us your personal details and click on the Submit button. Now you can download the subscribed product and enjoy the benefits.